Gabriela Mayaudon


Florida State House

District 116


Gabriela served in the Venezuelan legislature before moving to South Florida about 7 years ago. She was a congresswoman in Venezuela and she has an amazing story of fighting dictatorship.
She came to this country seeking political asylum and was looking to get involved in politics, and the Democrats in South Florida got thrilled with her drive to fight for the people and asked for her support.

She has a Law degree, and Masters in Law from Venezuela University. Gabriela is highly recommended by the civil leadership in Doral where she became an activist.
Gabriela has a long political career, was founder of the “NGO Prociudadano” that is dedicated to the political formation of youths and community leaders, Founding Volunteer of the FOUNDATION OF CHILDREN WITH CANCER (FUNDANICA) and also voluntary of the Foundation for the Conservation of the National Park Morrocoy, one of the jewels of the Venezuelan nature, threatened by unscrupulous exploitation.

Gabriela’s Drive comes from “The American Dream”, her will to represent and fight for the issues of the people of District 116.

She has been successful in all the situations that she has had to face. That enormous will to fight, is the one that will represent you in the state legislature. This young, progressive, brave and prepared woman is ready to serve you as a spokeswoman for your aspirations and your dreams as citizens of the United States and of Florida State.

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Gabriela mayaudon Distrito 116 representante estatal para la florida